Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

Yeah, I remember this thread, but IMHO there is just a little trouble: a
nautilus window is too much similar to a galeon/epiphany one :-(

Well with that in mind, there's really two ways to go.. Either make nautilus be a 'simple to use oo file manager' that has not much to do with the browsing metaphor, or make nautilus a 'browser' (nautilus-mozilla anyone?)

If you ask me, it will be imposible to avoid this in the future.. The more we abstract views and abstract the OS, the less distinction there will be between a file browser, network browser, cd-burner, image viewer or web browser.

I'm think that when we reach that point, it might be worth considering using mozilla/gecko as the canvas for nautilus (generating 'pages' that display the folder) and giving up on seeing those 2 applications as seperate things. (Even now nautilus could benifit from some mozilla intergration for creating .html file previews, etc)

It's worth keeping in mind that you do not need all the overhead of GtkMozillaEmbed in something like nautilus.. you could use just the rendering engine (gecko) and use the network transport facilities that gnome-vfs offers. This way it should be a lot more resource friendly & faster then a embeded mozilla control would be.

Using dhtml layers and a few custom components in mozilla should give us all the tools we'd need for a file / desktop manager i'd think

For where applicable, the gnome2 port of mozilla is progressing quite well to. I've been using it exclusivly for the last 2 months now, and it's not been a bad experiance

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