Re: Spring Loaded Folders Reloaded

lÝr, 2003-03-01 kl. 10:07 skrev Alexander Larsson:

> This might be viable. On mac you can actually use space to bring up a 
> spring-loaded folder faster, but I don't think keys are mentioned in the 
> patent.
> I need to study this a bit more.

An idea:

Folders don't open in a new window, instead they open in the current
window. If you have traversed into a folder tree, then leaving the
window takes you back up a level, a timeout would then start so that as
the pointer stayed out of the window you could go back up to the
original folder.

I suppose if this sounds good I can hack it up...

"If, with evil, you repay the evil I do to you,
 what, pray tell, is the difference between you and me?"

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