Re: release notes pimping


> > The most user-visible changes I know of:
> > + Panel/Applet usability (death of panel types, HIG-ified gnome-applets)
> > + New modules: nautilus-cd-burner, totem, gnome-mag, gnome-speech,
> > gnopernicus, gok, gucharmap, epiphany, gpdf, gnomemeeting, and zenity.
> > 
> > "Multimedia, Usability, Accessability, and the Web"?
> Yeah, if the a11y stuff is well polished by release date, we should pimp
> this very hard. We might have to be slightly careful about multimedia/web
> because expectations may be greater or at least different to delivery. hmm.

It is true that great strides have been made for Gnome 2.4 accessibility.
However, if we are serious about making Gnome 2.4 an introduction to
useful accessibility, there are many bugs that need to be addressed.  
Note that there are still 18 accessibiliyt stoppers and 34 candidate
stoppers (ignoring bugs in the infrastructure).  A number of these bugs
have UI ramifications, and with the upcoming hard UI freeze on August
4th, time is running short.
Although we certainly deserve a pat on the back for the work done so far,
we should not prematurely say that the desktop is "accessible".  Are we
serious about resolving the remaining stopper and candidate stopper bugs
in the 2.4 timeframe?  If not, then people with accessibility needs will
be disappointed with the release, and this would outweigh using
accessibility as a buzzword for the release.


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