Re: GWeather suckage

<quote who="Mark McLoughlin">

> 	* Traditionally has supplied software not services. Do we
> want to move into the services arena ?

We kind of do already, but not 'web services'. We offer downloads, CVS,
mail, yada yada. :-)

> 	* If we do weather, surely we want to do stock quotes, news etc.

I've always wanted to do themes. webdav straight through the themes control
panel. That would be pretty sweet.

> 	* Do we want to restrict the use of this service to GNOME software - I
> don't even know how we'd do this ...

It's a good excuse to hack on violent 3d network games as a "learning tool",
though. ;-)

> 	* Who pays for the bandwidth ?

Red Hat, for everything except, at the moment. However, I
would like to see our services better distributed. I'm not comfortable with
a single point of failure here, when there are so many options for hosting
(universities, etc). That is totally IMHO though.

> 	Luckily, we have a board of directors who love resolving these sorts of
> tricky dilemmas :-)

Oh, man... :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
     "Perdon; estoy buscando mis pantalones." - Luis Villa's Essential

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