Re: 524 open PATCH bugs... eek

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 12:49, Hongli Lai wrote:
> On Thursday 17 July 2003 17:52, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Yo, guys/gals. _524_ open bugs with the PATCH keyword. [Admittedly, some
> > against non-core stuff.] That's terribly embarassing to me as
> > bugzillamaster and it should be pretty embarassing to the project as a
> > whole. Those are potential contributors we're ignoring out there. That's
> > Not Good(TM).
> >
> > Consider this a friendly reminder from your neighborhood bugmaster: A
> > bug with PATCH on it is not a bug, it's a potential contributor begging
> > to be let in your door and help you put on your pants^W^W^W^Wfix up your
> > code. :)
> Yes, finally somebody brings this up. :)
> I submitted a patch for File Roller but it's still getting ignored.

Developers do go on vacation, get stressed out, and even now it appears
that some of them get pregnant and have children. ;) So, please don't
get too unpleasant with them if they do ignore you for a while. That
said, yeah, I would urge everyone not afflicted by vacations, children,
or work to check their PATCH bugs quickly and urgently. ;) 


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