Re: Gstreamer...


I was working on that but got sidetracked.  It wasn't as simple as it
seemed.  SF doesn't seem to be hosting nightly snapshots of CVSROOT
anymore (or if they are, I couldn't find them).  So the only decent
option right now seems like some sort of cronjob on widget with my
account that
a) updates a local copy of all of the modules
b) rsyncs it to the checked-into-gnome dir
c) commits in the checked-into-gnome dir

which sounds like a lot of hassle.

Any better suggestions ? The sooner I have a cleanish solution the
sooner I can set it up.


On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 14:45, Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões wrote:
> Hi
> I'm only a user of gnome (i.e., anoncvs for and I'm using
> jhbuild (nice tool) to get the latest gnome version. 
> The problem is that source-forge cvs is too slow... too much slow.
> Isn't there a chance to include it on gnome cvs or create nightly
> cvs-shots?
> Only an idea :)
> Alberto
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