Re: Totem with GStreamer backend

I'm using totem built from scratch through garnome(0.25.1) on an rh8.0 box. This would mean gst 0.6.2 and totem 0.99.2. Formats with (native and stable linux support?) such as .mpg , .mp3 , .ogg , .avi etc. play fine. However , it barfs on quicktime files(matrix reloaded , for reference). Also , its unable to open .dat files from ripped vcds. If its any help , here is the message at tthe terminal for .mov:

** Message: open file:///home/krosstok/Multimedia/Video/
video_queue: waiting for the app to restart source pad elements

For .dat , theres no error message - or video , or sound for that matter.

Pipelines used: Audio - ESD
Video - Xv

Hope this helps



On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 18:44, Julien MOUTTE wrote:
Hi Gnomers :)

For those of you running a RedHat 9 system you can now try very easily
Totem video player with GStreamer backend thanks to Matthias SAOU
( who made some nice packages...

They are available through apt or

There is a wrapper script so that you can force using xine backend
version if you want.

Feedback highly appreciated,
I'm afraid I can't get any movie to work. Totem hangs shortly after I
press play.

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