browser single sign on for gnome

Hi folk,
	just hoping to provoke some thoughts here...

over in squid-users we had a recent discussion which lead to the
semi-layout of the mechanisms the OS/platform needs to offer to browsers
for them to provide end-end secure single sign on.

Both Henrik and I posted rough descriptions...
A good entry to the thread
is my -rough- sketch of what is needed by a browser to do SSO to a web
proxy for Digest and Basic/SSL authentication.
are henriks notes.
(We both posted without seeing the others until after-posting I think).

Anyway, Jeff Waugh suggested that this list would be the best one to get
the ball rolling on the platform end, to offer the end user services.

Once the API is available, browser support can be added, and directory
service support (as plugins to the platform I guess) for different

Having single sign-on for web access - both proxies and web servers -
would be really cool for the unix world, so I hope this fires some

Oh, and I stand by my offer in that thread - I'll put the necessary glue
in squid to support md5-sess for browsers, when the framework for SSO
comes together..


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