Re: GNOME Nirvana; How to reach it and what to do once we get there.

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 00:26, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 20:10, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Anyway, I'm really not sure that is a workable solution- it would
> > require strong leadership at the team/group level that isn't currently
> > there. But otherwise, it seems to solve the problems that I see that we
> I'm not entirely convinced that the leadership isn't there, though it
> certainly isn't leading at the moment.  

Fair enough. The opportunity has not really been provided or seized.

> I think that in order for this
> to work out well we'd need to have a 'release team' for these groups.

Something like it, though it need not be large. Probably it would need
to have representatives from (at least) QA and i18n, and someone doing
actual release tasks, plus ideally one or two hackers.

>  We'd
> probably have to figure out how many folks were needed for this, see who
> would volunteer, and have them officially 'blessed' by whoever 'blessed'
> The Release Team.  I don't think this is a job that 1 or 2 people can
> keep on top of effectively.

Impossible to say until we've tried, but it's not implausible that for a
small grouping (none of the ones I pulled out of my ass were more than
four programs) that one or two people could mostly keep on top of
things, if they already knew the right questions to ask of the right
people- i.e., people who'd already been members of the 2.0 release team
could definitely do it nearly single-handedly, just from an
organizational perspective. But, besides experience, it was very useful
for the desktop release team to have representatives of all types during
the 2.0 cycle, so it may be useful to repeat that for mini-groups if
they want to try something new.


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