Re: "All Software Should Be Network Aware"

On Sat, 2003-07-05 at 00:11, Julian K.Missig wrote:
> Dave Smith and I talked about this a lot in the early days of Gabber 
> development. Also talked to Andy Hertzfeld about it one time. There are 
> some pretty interesting things one could do.

Could you list some of the ideas you guys had? At least that way they
are preserved in the archives.

> Generally, it seemed like the best solution would be to have a Jabber 
> client daemon at the center, and when you log into the desktop you're 
> also logging into Jabber. There are still a few Jabber people 
> interested in creating the pieces to make this possible.

Would be good to combine that with some kind of desktop roaming/$HOME
mount system so you could have a universal logon, but that goes back to
the digital identity stuff that me and Adam talked so much about before
we hooked up with Andre. Lots of issues that aren't apparent at first.

I'd like to have a stab at it, but have no time at the moment (or more
accurately, I am already committed to other projects). An idea for when
the desktop is more competitive perhaps....

thanks -mike

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