GNOME and superuser (privilege raising) integration -- second try

2 months ago I sent an email about this topic:

I read everyone's critism and made changes.
Now I present an updated version of libgnomesu, with the following changes:
- What was previously called the PAM service is now renamed to the 
consolehelper service.
- I added a new PAM service. This one uses PAM directly. libgnomesu talks to a 
non-GUI setuid root binary that uses PAM directly.
- Rewrote the su service. Instead of using evil ZvtTerminal hacks, I've 
written a custom binary based on GNU su. libgnomesu talks to it using pipes.
- No service uses /bin/sh anymore!

Are there any more things that need to be changed in order for it to become 
part of GNOME? Suggestions? Critism?

Before you complain, read the source code first. ;-)
It can be found here:

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