REQUEST: Name change for Anjuta 2

I don't know if Anjuta2 will ever become the focus of the core Anjuta
team now that Anjuta 1 for Gnome 2 has been gaining so much steam.  I
however have expressed my feelings that Anjuta 2 is great codebase that
not only builds on Gnome technologies but also has become a sort of
testbed on how those thechnologies should be used (Bonobo, user
configurable containers, good moduler design, etc.).  

I feel that despite some of the positives of Anjuta 2 it is being
over-shadowed by the more feature rich Anjuta project and not being able
to stand on its own merits.  Every time there is a new release of Anjuta
people get confused on what exactly is released.  Most people do not
look at version numbers except to see which one is bigger.  

I propose that Anjuta 2 be renamed to something like Gnome Development
Studio (though that may be a bit pretentious) and that it be refocused
into a development enviornment that makes working with Gnome
technologies easy (HIG, GObjects, Bonobo, GConf, etc.).  Anjuta itself
can continue on being the great general purpose IDE that it is.

As for those who hate to split and duplicate efforts I say that this
would not be the case.  Anjuta 2 features a moduler design that allows
its components to be reused by other programs (as in the case of
gtksourceview being used by gedit).  It is also my understanding that
Anjuta 1 can or will be able to use Anjuta 2 plugins at some point.  

Choice is good and while it was good intentions that led the Anjuta team
and gIDE team to join forces, reality stepped in and the two could never
realy be merged.  Now, I belive, it is time to part ways while
maintaining the similar goals of developing great development tools for
both Linux and Gnome. 


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