Menus & Launchers (Re: Adding "Edit Menu" to the Actions menu)

I hate to refer to other GUI's when discussing features, but i have noticed i have fallen in love with XP's ability to right click on a menu entry, and selecting delete, cut, paste, copy (umm, create shortcut?) or even drag & dropping it into another menu folder.. even being able to change the order of menu items this way.

I gues it's a feature not a lot all ppl would use since it's a bit tech-skill dependent, however it fits into the 'everything is an object and roughly behaves in the same way' idea behind gui's.. following that thought it makes perfect sence to drag&drop and perform other file operations on menu items. Especialy since we use the file manager as the menu editor.. And hey, i love being able to easely change my menu's without finding buttons, options and editors ;-)

The different menu's you get when clicking a launcher on a panel, and the menu you get when you right click a menu seems confusing.. A launcher is a launcher right? Same icon.. same action .. same properties; But yet different? (you will find XP's quick-lauch icons which is like our panel launchers and XP's menu's behave the same, with the same menu's and drag&dropable transparently accross the desktop, taskbar and menu's; Seems to make more sence to me and easier to learn & teach

In that spirit, i have to say that the current options sound confusing to me.. Add entire menu to drawer? Put into run dialog? Add launcher to panel? And why can't i right click on a menu 'folder' ? Also why is this so different from the normal cut/past/copy/rename/delete operations on documents and folders? There's no easely locatable help on it either, nor is it inate GUI knowledge for most ppl..

Enough ranting for now i gues ;-)

   -- Chris

Todd Kulesza wrote:

I wrote up a small patch that adds an Edit Menu launcher to the Actions menu. My thinking was that menu editing isn't very discoverable in its current implementation of right-clicking. This launcher just opens up the nautilus applications: URI where people have the Edit->Cut/Copy/Paste and File->New Launcher commands readily available. I have a screenshot up at:

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