Release Team News

Hey everyone,

We have some changes to the release team lineup for 2.4...

Jody Goldberg is resigning from the team to spend more time with his family.
... and emacs. :) Jody has been an awesome contributor during the 2.0 and
2.2 release periods, keeping us sane, well prepared, and going in the right
direction. Thanks very much, Jody!

So who's brave enough to try and fill Jody's shoes? Jonathan Blandford, who
has already sat in on a couple of release team conference calls to get a
taste of what he's in for. Hopefully we haven't scared him off already. :-)

Rock on 2.4!

- Jeff

  "We live in a place where policy discussion is conducted with money." -   
                                Eben Moglen                                 

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