[ann] gank-- a toy xmag replacement

I noticed that people are still suggesting using xmag when they want to
zoom in on something.  I know that xmag is one of the last non-GTK2
utilities I use...

So I wrote up this quick hack that has the functionality I use from xmag
(with a little extra just for fun).  It's really simple and more of a
proof of concept, but if someone is interested in writing something like
this for GNOME (or does it exist already?) some of this code might be a
useful base.

I called it "gank".  Why?  Read the FAQ.  :)

A screenshot of gank (taking a picture of itself!) can be found here:

Instructions on how to get it can be found here (module "gank"):

I may work some more on it, but I've got a lot to do already.

      Evan Martin
martine cs washington edu

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