GU4DEC- Make it what you want...


As announced, the conference is officially scheduled for 16th-18th June,
in Dublin, Ireland. We even have a very provisional plan of events -

	Monday 16th         Developer Conference
	Tuesday 17th        Developer Conference
	Wednesday 18th      User & Business Day [plus tutorials!]

Now, unfortunately by that stage it will be *well* over a year since the
last GUADEC in Seville, and almost a year since the Boston GNOME Summit.

In GNOME years, that's *WAAAAAY* too long to be apart from one

So why not consider arranging with others to arrive in Ireland a little
earlier? GU4DEC is YOUR opportunity to organize a summit for the
projects you are working on. We hope to have some sort of facilities [if
only a networking room] in place for the 14th & 15th June.

Let's plan for the future of GNOME, then celebrate with a few beers
during the conference.

- The GU4DEC Planning Committee

[It may also prove more cost efficient to arrive earlier - it's worth

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