gnome-common changes checked in

I have checked in the first round of changes to gnome-common. This includes the new script, and removes many of the macros (stubs are added in a gnome-deprecated-macros.m4 file).

The list of macros installed is now:

   * check-utmp.m4
   * compiler-flags.m4
   * curses.m4
   * gnome-common.m4
   * gnome-deprecated-macros.m4

check-utmp.m4 is currently only used by libzvt, so can probably be removed (put a copy in its acinclude.m4 file). We should probably look at getting rid of curses.m4 too.

When we get a bit further into the Gnome 2.4 development cycle, it would be good to remove gnome-deprecated-macros.m4 completely as well.

You may need to remove your $prefix/share/aclocal/gnome2-macros directory before running "make install", so that the removed macros won't be left around.


Email: james daa com au

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