Re: New from Iain's hack factory

Hi Iain,

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 08:07, iain wrote:

> Oh yeah, should tell the viewers 
> listening in on radio what it does
> Instead of the black lines filling the screen
> It gradually fades your desktop to greyscale

	I'm glad someone finally did this ...

	But, one little problem ... I tried this out and was totally stumped
for a while as to why it wasn't doing anything here ... I didn't notice
anything happening at all, but that's just my (pretty bad) colour
blindness :-)

	Anyway, I think its a little too subtle ... I tried pixelating it as
well, but that just looked lame :/ Any better ideas ?

	Btw, I've committed a little test wrapper for trying out different
things ...


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