Re: gnome-common/macros2 cleanup

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 15:19, James Henstridge wrote:
>     * AC_CHECK_CURSES (curses.m4): a copy of this is in
>       gnome-utils/acinclude.m4.  Referenced in script of
>       dr-genius, gnome-games, goose, nethack and vte.  Not sure how many
>       of those actually use curses, but it is not clear that the macro
>       should be in gnome-common

One of the games actually does have a curses port. It is on the list of
games to be removed from existence, so will be gone soon. I won't miss
it one bit. :)

>     * GNOME_CHECK_CXX (gnome-cxx-check.m4): simple 5 line macro that is
>       only used in gnome-games' configure script.  Should probably be
>       moved to gnome-games' acinclude.m4 or inlined directly.

I'll inline it.

> Based on this, the only macros I would consider worth keeping in 
> gnome-common are:

I must admit, GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS is handy.

> The common script could probably do with a bit of a cleanup. 
>  The main one is to allow modules to select an autoconf version other 
> than automake-1.4.  While you might consider this unnecessary if we 
> standardise on a single automake version, it will help during transition.

Murray put a re-written in gnome-hello, didn't he?

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