Re: Panel configuration

Hello Jan,

> Let's say I have my own file manager. This is really not that unprobable
> that someone WILL write an alternative to nautilus, since there are peo-

Please, try to distance yourself from the perception that nautilus is just
a file manager. Nautilus is the thing that ties the GNOME desktop
together, which happens to provide some file managing capabilities too.
Indeed there are better alternatives for people who want a specialized app
for managing files.

> is about the choice not to run nautilus. Which you are taking away from
> me. You are taking away my freedom. For a feature that most people won't

Nope, that's not what I wrote. But the freedom you're talking about won't
be appreciated by more than a bunch of hardcore techies who want to save
on every byte of RAM they can, just because. I say, consider if this
freedom really is so important compared to the ideal of a desktop
environment where everything just works, and doesn't impose unnecessary
restrictions for obscure technical reasons.

> If you want to put this stuff in nautilus, fine, I won't care of nauti-
> lus depends on gnome-panel. But not the other way around.

> Maybe we should just give this some really good thought, maybe there
> are other options than to introduce complex interdependencies.

Works for me.


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