build tools standard


This is a plea to standardize on the basic build tools (automake, autoconf, libtool, at least) for the duration of gnome's product cycle. In the short time that I've been doing the gnome 2 tinderbox snapshots, this has already bitten me twice.

Having parallel-installable tools is a step in the right direction, certainly, but it should not be used as an excuse to never agree on which versions of the tools to use. My proposal is to reach a consensus on which tools to use at the beginning of the development cycle, and *require* that those versions work until release time.

Note that I am not advocating that people not use newer tools. I am saying that just because one maintainer feels like using a newer tool shouldn't be a reason to force everyone to either upgrade to that or parallel-install it. My (limited) experience tells me that the upgrade usually makes other modules break, and while the parallel-install is better, it's still a pain. So if anyone uses a newer tool, fine, but it cannot be at the expense of making the standard tools break.


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