Re: bugzilla status- volunteers needed to do some dirty, dirty work

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 05:09, Luis Villa wrote:
> Bugzilla is badly in need of an upgrade. Has been for ages, of course.
> Since roughly the dawn of GNOME time, in fact.[0] Last fall some
> progress was made; you can see results at
> The original work was excellent. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons,
> the ball has mainly been dropped, and progress has stalled. Someone in
> IRC asked tonight 'what can I do to help' so I thought I'd write up an
> email- I'm completely without time to do any of this myself. :/ 
> There are several open issues, discussed in some more detail here:
> There are two key issues:
> The worst one is that there needs to be a bug-buddy->bugzilla bridge,
> and it needs to be installed and tested without breaking the current
> bug-buddy->bugzilla stuff. There are a couple options here: (1) port the
> old bridge to bugzilla 2.18 or (2) write a new bridge. The current code
> takes bug-buddy output, turns it into base-64 encoded bugzilla XML, then
> send the XML to a (hacked to deal with base-64) bugzilla XML importer.
> Ideally a new version would either bypass the bugzilla XML importer or
> not require it to be hacked. The TODO file linked above discussed this
> all in some detail.
> The second 'key' issue is the issue of custom fields. When we initially
> ported our stuff to 2.16, we used a bugzilla patch that we thought was
> going to be in 2.18 to generate custom fields for the OS Details field,
> the OS Versions field, and the GNOME Version field. This patch no longer
> appears to be in favor upstream. So... we probably need to rethink how
> we've done custom fields, and if possible, simplify them so that they'll
> be easier to port to 2.18 when that is available. 

How are custom fields being addressed upstream? Are they being
implemented at all?

They are _really_ sweet in bugzilla-test as a replacement for all our
confusing keywords.

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

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