Re: 2.3 Feature Request: Inactive toolbar icons

iain wrote:

fre, 2003-02-07 kl. 16:12 skrev shaihulud supereva it:
Jeff Waugh wrote:

We're mostly looking for "yes, I am coding >this feature" emails, rather than
suggestions. Sorry. :-) You may want to >lodge a GTK+ bug on this, though -
it would be much prettier!
- Jeff
Thanks iain for make the patch ! Here is a screenshot:

I think that would be better if the alpha  is scaled down at 75-80%. In this way the inactive icons look better on a light or dark background.

Alpha is now halfed. Attached patch does so. It could probably be made
faster, by replacing the 2 for loops with one.
Looks like the attached patch could be fairly easily wrapped up as a gtk theme engine (just overloading render_icon), if someone is interested.


Email: james daa com au

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