Re: 2.3 Feature Request: Inactive toolbar icons

Calum Benson wrote:
On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 18:00, Chris Chabot wrote:

Wowieee! i love it, sign me up for this patch; I tried it and aint
going back! ;-)
(Umm, i mean: yea, that looks 'ok')

This won't work for people who need High or Low Contrast themes, though,
so until we have an engine that handles those in a different way (e.g.
by retaining some variation of the checkerboard pattern) we shouldn't
really make this kind of behaviour the default, I don't think.

But we could engage in a bit of anti-havocness and make it be a themable option so that people who need or like the old way (just like the people running with a 'classic' theme on mozilla) could keep it and the others could choose the 'Ians way' of shading?

It might even be nice to have in 2.2.x, but keeping the default unchanged.


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