Panel configuration

	Much of the old panel properties dialog no longer makes much
sense. For example, being able to change the size or position of the
panel from the dialog doesn't make much sense since you can do it with
both the mouse and the keyboard. Much of the rest of the options would
actualy make more sense in the context menu. For example:

   +  Add to Panel
   -  Create New Panel
      Change Background
  [ ] Autohide
  [ ] Show Hide Buttons
   o  Help
   *  About Panels
   *  About GNOME

	So the layout is terrible, but it includes all everything that
needs to be available. Note that we still have a dialog for changing
the panel background.

	This brings us to the more general question of what exactly
this context menu if for. You would expect it to be a set of
operations on that panel - so how do "New Panel", "Help", "About
Panels" and "About GNOME" fit into that?

Good Luck,

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