Re: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

I had an unusual idea. From the gnome standpoint, I think it would be
better to have just the new file selector widget. We're very behind in
apps already and changing more of gtk will just make porting apps even
harder. How long has gnome 2.x been out anyway? The only apps I usually
use is Galeon and Evolution and those are both gnome 1.4 apps. Granted
things are slowly coming over (Galeon, Evolution, Dia, etc all have
versions in the works) but changing gtk again will just slow them down.
Changing the file selector widget is more of a requirement then a feature
though. So, gnome would be better off with the current gtk 2.2 with a new
file selector.
For gtk's standpoint, I think its a really good idea to continue
development on it and continue to fix broken api, moving widgets into gtk
that belong there, and creating new widgets. From gtk's standpoint,
releasing a gtk file selector only next release will slow all of that down
by months.
So, why not do both at once? Parallel develop 2.3 and 2.5 at the same
time. Have 2.3 be 2.2 with just a new file selector widget. Develop 2.5
with all the new stuff but without the file selector widget. In theory,
2.4 should be done before 2.6, so when 2.4 is completed, the file selector
can be moved into 2.5 in time for 2.6.
This will allow some time for apps to catch up with 2.x while not holding
back development on gtk.

Thaughts? Comments?


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