Re: Call for 2.2 Screenshots

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, iain wrote:

> søn, 2003-02-02 kl. 19:15 skrev Sean Middleditch:
> > > GIMP 1.3 can preview xcf files. Aren't all gnome/kde apps ment to be
> > > sharing thumbs nowadays? Maybe this is a nautilus issue.
> > 
> > GIMP isn't a gnome application, it's pure GTK; it would need a separate
> > GNOME component to automatically generate preview-files for Nautilus, I
> GIMP would just have to install a xcf gdk-pixbuf loader like librsvg
> does for SVG files.
> Then we could load xcf files in eog and stuff.

There is the thumbnail spec on which defines how 
thumgnails should be stored. Gimp 1.3 as well as Nautilus 2.2 supports it, 
so if you have loaded the file in the new gimp you will have automagically 
thumbnails in nautilus (and soon in eog I hope ;).



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