Keyboard Navigation in gnome

I have been playing about with pure keyboard navigation in gnome (I
intend to produce a short comprehensive guide on it)

I have come across the following issues

When you Alt-f1 to get the panel menu focus sticks on the launchers
on the menus (ie: all you can tab to are launchers on the panel you
are on - no deskguide, window list or menus accessible)

None of the following work
Alt-tab (to cycle windows
Control-alt-tab (to swith between panels and desktop)

only the mouse will change focus


Control Alt-tab to cycle between panels and desktop does not seem to
work - it seems to cycle, but does not give focus

Is there any way to navigate to the toolbar, eg: in epiphany, so the
buttons can be used. I ask because I know you can use Control-l to go
to the location field which isnt documented very well.

Control tab (to move between panes) does not seem to work

Is there any way to navigate between links (in html,docbook etc)
quickly, sort of like esc letter, but only for links

The last one is probably epiphany specific, but can you navigate in
and out of forms on web pages. For example on
there are several embedded forms, which you need to get out of to
scroll down the page.


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