Re: Proposal: Workrave

First of all: thanks Reinout, for starting this thread. I have been wondering for some time now what it would take to get Workrave into GNOME CVS, but I never really bothered to ask. Note that I am not proposing to make Workrave a standard part of the GNOME desktop. (Err, note that I am not objecting either :-)

We currently have a CVS repository over at Sourceforge, and host our own bugzilla there. I am not sure what the advantages are of migrating our stuff to {cvs,bugzilla} I have been told that it would make life easier for the i18n team to keep translations up-to-date. Also, Workrave is (amongst other ports) a fully integrated GNOME app. Most other GNOME apps appear to be in, so why not Workrave?

We would like to migrate if:
- we can import our bugzilla database (including all history) into - we can import our CVS repository (including all history) into - the GNOME CVS policy does not conflict with our needs. For example, suppose someone volunteers to do a KDE or Mac port. Is it allowed for this port to be checked into Workrave CVS (i.e. GNOME CVS) ?

About the Workrave/DrWright comparison: yes, Workrave offers quite a few options, on some accounts, perhaps even too many. On the other hand, I really do think DrWright offers too few.

Soon Workrave will get even more 'bloated'. In the next release or so, Workrave will include exercises: animated pictures showing you how to do exercises that help in RSI recovery and prevention. From our point of view, this kind of functionality is a must for a tool that claims to aid in RSI prevention and recovery. Perhaps DrWright is more of a pause/break tool than a RSI tool?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I cannot agree more with the following quote from DrWright's web site: "[...]If you like whistles, bells, and a thousand options, this [DrWright] is not for you. Feel free to check out Workrave instead.[...]".

Raymond Penners -*- raymond dotsphinx com -*-

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