Re: 2.4 Module List - zenity

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

> I don't have any solution for this. It worries me. I think the only
> solution might be to keep the "API" very small and simple. How small and
> simple is the API now?

Murray, this is a really simple dialog launcher for shell scripts, and the
current command line options are far better than the old gdialog ones. So we
have a really simple tool for admins, which greatly improves on the previous
(largely unknown, and I presume unused, outside people "in the know")

I don't really understand your objections, given that we can comfortably
assume that Glynn won't be randomly changing the command line parameters for
every release.

Additionally, it has been proposed for the desktop release. There are no API
guarantees for modules in the desktop release, and thus far, there has been
no solid discussion of command line parameter compatibilty (though, it is of
interest, especially in a case like this).

I don't think API compatibility is a primary concern for zenity's inclusion.

- Jeff

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