Re: Proposed CVS changes to gnome-utils


> I disagree with you.
> logview and all the other names are totally misleading, they suggest
> that these are the tool's names.
> I think it's totally worth the pain - such weird naming conversions
> often outlive major revisions.

Who is it misleading to? From a command line interface, they've been
pretty clear -

from a CVS point of view, I think the main thing to worry about is the
fact that the module is called 'gnome-utils'. That's pretty self
explanatory, coupled with a README and you're in the clear.

> Is there any chance that gucharmap and gcalctool will get part of
> gnome-utils? That'd be great, they are far superior to their gnome-utils
> counterparts and depend on GNOME libraries - so they're ideal
> candidates.

Very, very strong chances that they'll be in the desktop release. From a
CVS standpoint, they'll never be part of gnome-utils.

> Why? I like gnome-dictionary and gnome-system-log :)

Their code is pretty unmaintainable and buggy. They both could do with
some love to make them more useful/HIG compliant/bug free.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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