TARBALLS DUE: Will the real 2.3.0 release please stand up?

Hey everyone,

Tarballs are due on Monday, 7th April for our first (we mean it this time!)
2.3.x unstable development release!

The previous attempt didn't quite get up because we release team dudes were
viciously jealous of Luis going on his holiday, so we all went on a hunger
strike. Then we realised that holidays are far more enjoyable than hunger
strikes, so we all had a brain holiday from doing release stuff. Plus we had
to wait on lots of modules, so it seems that turning on the release pressure
this early in the process is not all that great for everyone anyway. :-)

But now... it's time to ROCK!

Please release tarballs over the weekend or on Monday, so we can have a
timely and complete release next week. With that release will be a complete
list of proposed modules for GNOME 2.4, so the hard part of the discussions
can start afresh. :-)

Thank you!

- Jeff

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