Re: GNOME and advanced search indexes viability

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 20:28, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> Hey everyone, and sorry for the Jello (crosspost),
> I'm representing a a couple of students. We are on the verge of starting 
> a college project, aimed at world do... er.. at the development of a 
> software solution.  We thought it would be a good idea to develop a 
> software tool to assist users in the eternal quest for finding their own 
> documents in their document mess.  Key to this is the creation of an 
> index that will contain all information, automatically and customly 
> extracted from each document.  This index will be extensible, won't 
> impact system performance, and will attempt to be secure.
> Here's the thing: this project obligatorily has to be a commercial 
> endeavor.  Note the use of the word "commercial" rather than 
> "proprietary".  We've done a quick market segmentation and identified 
> two target groups: a SOHO OSS consumer and a corporate commercial 
> customer, each with different needs.  Needlessly to say, I'm exposing 
> this because the project will be based on UNIX/Linux (what's the point 
> of competing with Microsoft Indexing Service?).
> We intend to FLOSS a consumer-level tool based on our technology, in 
> order to push it to become the de-facto standard (don't worry, it will 
> also use de iure standards as well) for Linux distributions.  We also 
> will cater to commercial interests with enhanced versions of our 
> products.  We're trying to be good citizens and provide great 
> technology, and get rich (hey, what's wrong with that! ;-).  I recognize 
> there's a similar thing called Medusa, in spirit.  I assure you our 
> software will have greater capabilities and will take corporate 
> customers and large networks into account.

Why not work on Medusa?  It is a gnome2 application now.  It's security
is largely address.  Adding content indexers is simple and quick.  It is
integrated with gnome-vfs so nfs/smb is a non issue.  It's command line
tool can be extended in a few days to impersonate locate/find+grep to
update the gnome search tool.

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