Re: [Usability]Dealing with files in Gnome

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 11:52, textshell neutronstar dyndns org wrote:

> Please keep in mind that adding names to a list might not be enough. On of the
> biggest problems of the cut and paste stuff in the file-manager is that copy
> doesn't copy the file. So the user *thinks* he can delete it and later use
> paste. I think this general problem applies to Pick and Drop as well. I think
> protection against deleting a picked file is important. Maybe Nautilus could
> hold an file descriptor open for all picked files (Inux would ensure that the
> files won't go away, either by umounting or deleteing). I think this protection
> is more important to get the feature user ready than the wording (I think the
> pick and drop stuff has advantages).

Potential problem here is when I want to copy a file from one floppy to
another - merely holding the file descriptor open won't help any.

This is similar to the "Move to Trash" problem with varied file
systems.  It would be nice there if the Move to Trash didn't appear if
moving to trash isn't possible (confusing), or if it just copied to
trash if rename()ing isn't possible.

Moving files about in general on Nautilus doesn't hide enough of the
UNIX limitations/architecture.  :(

> This isn't a problem just for non technical users, I've seen people that earn
> their money with software development get caught by this!
> Martin H.
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