Re: Progress bar on startup

> > This is the sort of behaviour that I'm talking about.  I think that
> > once a user is greeted with the GDM that they shouldn't have to wait
> > for Gnome to load.  Obviously when someone starts their machine to an
> > X environment they are most likely to be using Gnome.  Perhaps some
> > sort of *easy* way for a user to decide whether or not they want to
> > "pre-load" gnome on boot?  If they are starting init 5, then preload,
> > otherwise dont preload?
> Woah!  Slow down there.  I'm proposing changing the behaviour of the
> splashscreen, not randomly preloading libraries. (-;  Speeding up
> logging in is a fine idea - but this is not intended to fix that.


I agree with you saying the splash screen doesn't make much sense in it's 
current form.  I like the splash screen though.

The user should get *some* feeling of progress IMO.  How about a nice 
little gnome foot that grows it's toes as it goes along ?

Also, sometimes the icons *are* helpful; it'd be nice to have some way to 
get more detailed login information.  For example, last week I got rid of 
ten "feet" which supposedly were programs mentioned in my session file, 
but weren't there at all on-disk or in-memory after logging in, and I got 
rid of them by running gnome-session-save right after logging in.  On 
subsequent log-ins, I only have two generic "foot" icons left anymore, 
probably belonging to gnome-terminal.

My point with this is - if I had only been staring at a simple progress 
indicator, I'd never have figured out why my login was so slow.  It's 
pretty nippy right now, so it'd be nice to somehow still have a "feel" for 
what is being started up.



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