Re: GOK Information and or Help call idea

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 19:54, Bryan Campbell wrote:
> HI. Upon reading GOK wont trap any keys as the onscreen keyboard meant to
> pass keystrokes to other programs I thought, what if I want to see Help or
> configure it? that is a real matter to me being local to the developers I
> might be early tester. My idea is that GOK show help if F1 is typed 3 times
> in a row. that makes it similar to how Sticky keys is toggled On Off by
> typing Shift 5 times in a row. It needs 5 pushes since 2 pushes of Shift
> (other modifiers also) locks them On till 1 more push turns it Off so 3
> taps could produce an unwanted change. With GOK 3 taps of F1 should be
> unique enough to call Help, and that screen could have a configure option.
> Or typing F2 3 times in a row could call only configure (hope this shows
> I'm not lock on 1 key commands [grin]). Using just F1 should do if the
> resulting screen is named "GOK Details" not Help (which I just thought of
> while writing).
> I thought of other approach early today, yet it is complex, but shown for
> comparison.  The latest of many macro programs I've
> run over 15 years uses all 3 modifiers plus a key to get its commands since
> almost no one would need that many macros to require a 4 key combo! Please
> see for examples of its 4 key commands.
> Those commands should why typing F1 3 times in a row is more in line with
> how keyboard Accessibility operates. On the 1 key item for a bit, I thought
> of it as an Option adding another way to issue given commands with the
> usual keystrokes still available. I know folks r use to things and would
> only give keyboarders an easier reach if they want it. Everything is
> Default Off just like Accessibility options. that is how Accessibility
> works so forgot to say it clearly which is my error


So... the problem with using something like this for help is that it is
unlikely that anyone who knows about this is going to need help. :)
Certainly, if I hit F1 once, and don't get help, I'm not going to sit
there repeatedly and hit F1 until something happens.

Given that the main gok screen has a permanently unused 'back' button,
perhaps that could be changed to a help button?


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