Re: GNOME Power Tools: Every GNOME Geek's Batbelt!

<quote who="Jeff Waugh"/>

> There's a big gap in GNOME's official release categories. On one hand, we
> have the Desktop, which attempts to provide a relevant set of modules for
> all GNOME users. Then we have Fifth Toe, which is our collection of the
> coolest GNOME applications.

I'd just like to add that this is by no means an official release. If, once
there has been a number of good powertools releases, we decide that it's
interesting enough to have as a GNOME release category, great. But right
now, it's just a little pet project of mine to make a lot of noise for the
many small geektoys projects out there, that may not otherwise get a lot of
headlines... and oh, there will be a lot of noise!

It seems I needed to clarify that, given my work on the release team. :-)


- Jeff

     "Linux is not like Novell, it isn't going to run out of money - it     
              started off bankrupt, in a way." - Steve Ballmer              

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