Re: [Usability]Color properties (screenshots)

Pier Luigi Fiorini <plfiorini supereva it> writes: 
> What I need to know is if the new UI is good enough to be claimed as HIG
> compliant and if you can include this code in GNOME control center (or
> any random module).

It looks great. jrb was working on the theme capplet, I think this
should be incorporated there.

Last I heard the idea jrb had was that we remove the current Theme
capplet, and add Appearance. Appearance has these tabs:

 Theme - change your "metatheme" which is a composite of other 
         settings, including application theme, WM theme, 
         and colors

 Application Style - or whatever, here you choose app theme

 Window Borders - or whatever, choose WM theme

 Colors - choose colors overriding app theme

 Icons - choose icon theme

So your capplet looks quite good, but what I would do is make it this
Colors tab in the Appearance capplet, and I would not have separate
color profiles, because that is the same feature as the overall
metatheme. i.e. you could just make several metathemes which were the
same except for the colors.

I don't think jrb was going to have time to implement the Colors tab,
so maybe with your help you guys could get this Appearance capplet
done in time for the freeze.


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