Re: Servers feature

Hmm, here, I'd think having it a separate icon is much better.  "Start
Here" is a rather bug UI kludge, imho.  (So is "My Computer", but ah
well).  So long as the network icon can be removed from the desktop
(unlike the kludge in Windows) it shouldn't be too bad for people who
want to avoid clutter.

Onet hing that might be nice tho is an easy way to recreate missing
"default" icons or whatnot - i.e., a novice isn't likely going to know
how to recreate a home folder icon or a network services icon if they
accidently delete it, unless there's an easy "add Network Services icon"
or something in the context menu (that is only available if no Network
Services icon exits).

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 22:07, Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:
> > The network: URI's entry point is the applications menu, with the
> > "Network Servers" entry (that goes along the "Home folder" one).
> I don't agree, IMHO Network Servers should be moved in Start Here.
> I usually don't want much icons on my desktop.
> Start Here would be like My Computer, Am I wrong?
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