Re: Proxy capplet

> The current proxy capplet is rather incomplete, since it only does HTTP
> proxy. It would be good if it could be extended to handle FTP and SSL
> proxies, socks host, and autoconfiguration URL as well. We need those to
> support proxying in Galeon properly, and gnome-vfs/nautilus should
> surely use them as well.  I'm willing to do the code, and have already
> made some UI mockups:

It seems I'm not the only one that should search the archive a bit better
before posting ;-).

This was sort of halted because I tried to get some more information from
the person that did a lot of work on this almost a year ago. See the link

Now I have almost no spare time, so I'm happy you're taking over the work.


They look good. When it comes to the user-password settings, I was
thinking about a tree-view for this. It allows for more information. Not
totally sure about that either.

When it comes to GConf-keys, this is a good pointer:

It allows for adding more proxy types later on. The tree-view also allows
for this without making the dialog excessively big.


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