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On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 20:02, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hi,
> The current proxy capplet is rather incomplete, since it only does HTTP
> proxy. It would be good if it could be extended to handle FTP and SSL
> proxies, socks host, and autoconfiguration URL as well. We need those to
> support proxying in Galeon properly, and gnome-vfs/nautilus should
> surely use them as well.  I'm willing to do the code, and have already
> made some UI mockups:
> There are some problems though: 
> - User/password. These may be different for each server, so we can't
> have a global u/p setting. 99% of the proxy users prolly have these the
> same though, but I think that for system configuration we'd better
> support everything. In my mockups I have moved this to a details dialog,
> since we can't really fit two entries extra per server into the dialog.
> - GConf keys. Right now, the proxy prefs reside in
> /system/http_proxy/host etc. Where do we keep the new keys?
> /system/ftp_proxy/host? That would bloat the /system dir too much IMHO.
> On the other hand, /system/http_proxy/ftp_host would be sucky too. I
> think the best would be to have something like /system/proxy/http/host,
> /system/proxy/ftp/host, etc, but this would break backward
> compatibility.
> It would be really cool if this could be done before the 2.2 UI freeze,
> so that we can remove the proxy prefs from Galeon.
> Comments? Suggestions?

IMO, "SSL Proxy" is a bad name for https. "Secure HTTP" would make more
sense, you could then put the https proxy settings under
/system/http_proxy and that would only add /system/socks_proxy to
/system, not so bad.


/Bastien Nocera

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