Re: Performance data for nautilus

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes:

> > It seems a full 2.4% of the nautilus execution time is spent making sure
> > that what you pass to g_object_ref/unref() is actually GObjects.
> > I'm not sure it's really worth that. Maybe we should change G_IS_OBJECT to
> > g_type_fundamental (((GTypeInstance *)(instance))->g_class->g_type) ==
> boom, segfault. in case instance==NULL, or instance->g_class == NULL. two
> frequent cases intended to be caught by the *_IS_*() macros. so if at all,
> you better make this:

I think worrying about instance->g_class == NULL is a bit silly; I
don't think it's any more likely than instance->g_class being a
junk pointer that would trigger a segfault anyways; preventing
a segfault in the case where instance == NULL is more interesting.


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