The Panel needs simplification

On the Gnome User's Board were constantly getting questions about panels
like "How do I move my menu panel" and "why are there no settings for
the menu panel". So pretty much the usual stuff.

I know that it has been discussed a lot but are there actually any plans

1. Remove the idea of Panel Types and just have one panel with
intelligent behavior and a few more options.

2. Turn the menu panel into a normal panel with the menu applet.

3. Add a Preferences menu with desktop preferences and system tools.

And is there any time frame for these changes - I'm guessing if they
havent already been made it'll be 2.4 then.

Also one thing that I havent heard mentioned is how confusing it is that
when you right click on a launcher and click help it brings up panel
help. I think that this item should be removed, but also the panel menu
should be a sub-menu when you click on a launcher. That way you can
easily get to panel help and options.

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