NAUTILUS Maintainer Requests!!!

The Nautilus project is in serious need of help!  I am attaching an e-mail from
the nautilus mailing list to the desktop-devel-list mailing list.  Maybe
someone there can help fill the huge gap? 

"Dave Fallon" <davef tetsubo com> writes:

I have two requests/questions for our overworked, underpaid maintainers:

* Can someone spend a bit of time looking at the patch bugs in bugzilla? I've 
seen at least 4-5 with activity in the last few days, and I know there are
a few others... Patch bugs are (hopefully) easy ways to kill off bugs, and more

importantly, further encourage people to keep submitting patches/hacking on 
nautilus. On the flip side, bugs that have patches where they get left around 
forever tend to make people want to do something more useful with their time.
:) If 
it's helpful, I'd be willing to go through all the patch bugs and make sure 
they cleanly apply to cvs (or don't), to help prevent time wasted.

* There are a bunch of *ooold* needinfo'd bugs. Can I close the ones that 
haven't had any activity at all in the last 3 months?

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