Re: [Usability]Re: All animations should be disableable

> I have to admit it's not immediately clear to me whether these
> guidelines applies to animations such as the metacity 'minimize'
> animation, or just to continuous or non-redundant animations.  I guess
> it should probably be both, though.

hmmm, I think that there are two different issues that need to be
discussed/decided in relation to animations.

1. When/where/how/why to use them - this is what Kent's mail was in
relation to, but it really a different issue to what I am talking about.

2. Whether animations can cause usibility/accesibility problems because
if they can then there should be a policy to always be able to disable

In relation to the minimize animation in particular, One think i think
would be a good test would be to look at the metacity, E, winxp and osx
minimise animations through VNC. This would simulate networked desktops
and/or slow machines.

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