Re: Metacity's window min size, and panel's stay-on-top

Miroslav Silovic <miro puremagic com> writes:
> Currently there is no way to freely move the window around the screen
> if its minimal size is bigger than the screen. Since I work at
> 800x600, this is a big issue for me (in fact, it makes metacity
> unusable - some apps just aren't well-behaved at low-res). The current
> behaviour is that the window movement will block at the upper screen
> edge, even when the window is handled with the Alt-click in the middle
> of the window. I believe a window should be movable as long as any of
> its parts is visible.

Metacity used to (and I thought still did) allow you to move the
window off the top of the work area by the amount that it exceeded the
screen size. i.e. just enough to get the bottom on the work area.
(work area = area of screen excluding panels)

Losing the titlebar is a fatal problem for users, as Alt+click is a
hidden feature. So losing the titlebar is only allowed for windows
that are already screwed up and broken (too big for screen).

> The other problem is GNOME 2's panel's insistence to stay on top of
> the other windows, which can't be turned off any longer. This would be
> fine, if it didn't stay on top both MPlayer and Xine in fullscreen
> mode.

With latest CVS it should not be on top of fullscreen apps, even
broken ones.  If it still is, let me know. You may have to click on
the app once to raise it depending on the app.

It should always have worked with fullscreen apps using the proper

> (and let the override-redirect windows cover it).

It does let override-redirect cover it, those fullscreen windows
aren't override-redirect though - "fullscreen mode" uses an assortment
of different, broken hacks, depending on the app.

They should not be override-redirect, because then you wouldn't be
able to move any window above them, including dialogs and the xine
control window. Also, they would not support keyboard navigation.


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