Re: applets and focus indication

Am Die, 2002-10-15 um 06.08 schrieb Mark McLoughlin:
> Hi Rodney,


> 	"But wait! You can't use the workspace switcher using only the
> keyboard" - I know, but you still need to access its popup menu. The
> actual funcationality of the applet is available using WM keybindings.
> And, in any case, this problem isn't only about the workspace
> switcher.

Sorry for the stupid question, but how do I access the popup menu of a
applet via the keyboard? I have been asking myself this since quite a

Regarding the original discussion: In my eyes it doesn't look very good,
if a applet takes all the size in the panel. So I think it would be ok,
if the panel tells the applets a smaller size, then it actually has.
However I think this should be not more than 2, max. 3 pixels on every
side (more shouldn't be neccessary to draw the focus indicator, or am I


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