Re: applets and focus indication

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:  
> 	o Is there any other way of indicating focus for these applets
> 	  other than drawing the usual focus indication around them?
> 	    --> I don't think so.

I'm not quite sure about this. For example the workspace switcher
could highlight in some way when it gets focus.

But, there's another question I have. Don't many applets already draw
their own focus indication? Is the panel going to draw a second,
duplicate indication?

Seems to me that focus can't be drawn by the panel because of applets
like the window list; it needs to draw focus on the individual
buttons. Only the applet can know if it has subwidgets or not, and
whether to allow whole-applet focus or subwidget focus or both, etc.

Any applet that's a GtkButton will draw its own focus as well, for

Note this is orthogonal to whether the focus is drawn as a rectangle
around the applet. If the best way we can think of to draw workspace
switcher focus is to draw a big rectangle around it, the switcher can
do that itself, can't it?

So can't we just punt and say this is the applet's problem?


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