gnome-utils 2.1.1 - " Vid förtäring, uppsök läkarvård omgående "

Hey there,

Another snapshot release for

Kudos to Dennis Cranston, the only guy that committed anything useful to
gnome-utils since the last snapshot. You rock.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

GNOME Search Tool

	Rewrite handle_search_command_stderr_io fixing possible 
	deadlock (Dennis)	
	Added support for horizontal seperators in the available 
	search constraints (Dennis)
	Moved 'File is empty' constraint into the size group (Dennis)
	Use a Gtk spin button entry for constraints of type time 
	and number (Dennis)
	Update command line arg parsing for recently added 
	constraints (Dennis)
	Fixed popup menu for result window's scrolled 
	horizontally (Dennis)
	Fix #94858, to get the default action for the mime type (Dennis)
	Minor string change (Dennis)
	Added support for icon theming (Dennis)
	Improve error dialogs (Dennis)
	Improve file type detection of symbolic links (Dennis)
	Added support for opening files in search results (Dennis)
	Added support for moving files from search results (Dennis)
	Added support for selecting multiple files (Dennis)
	Added support for drag and drop (Dennis)
	Other misc fixes (Dennis)

	Updates for requirements (Glynn)


	GNOME Search Tool updates (Dennis)	

Miscellaneous -


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