gnome-panel, gnome-session and gnome-desktop 2.0.x releases


* What are they ?

	gnome-panel contains the GNOME panel which the area
on your desktop from which you can run applications and
applets, and perform other tasks.

	gnome-desktop contains the libgnome-desktop library
which contains APIs that really belong in libgnome[ui] but
have not seen enough testing or development to be considered
stable. It also contains documents installed as part of the
core GNOME distribution, e.g. the GPL, GNOME's .desktop files,
the gnome-about program, some manpages and GNOME's core graphics
files and icons.

	gnome-session contains the GNOME session manager, the GNOME
session manager configuration program and several other session
management related utilities and the GNOME session manager proxy,
which handles basic session management for applications that do not
support XSMP.

* What's changed ?

gnome-panel 2.0.10


	* Explicitly destroy panels on logout (Mark)
	* Give the PanelWidget focus with new drawer (Padraig)
	* Make applets use the default background if no background is set (Mark)
	* Fix tooltip hanging around after dragging to the desktop (Arvind)
	* Don't pop the run dialog up at the current mouse position (Havoc)
	* Fix broken option list for background changing (Mark)
	* Fix weird effects with drawers and some window managers (Mark)
	* Significant speedup in menu icon loading (Soeren Sandmann)
	* Don't strdup stock ids (Mark)
	* Make Ctrl-F10 popup panel menu when focus is on the hidebuttons (Padraig)
	* Change launchers icons when the icon theme changes (Rajkumar Sivasamy)
	* Fix silly with creating new launchers from menus (Alex Graveley)
	* Fix new sub-menus not being sorted with existing menus (Mark)
	* Fix re-ordering of launchers in drawers on startup (Frederic Crozat)
	* Remove .desktop parameters when adding a menu item to the run dialog (Arvind)

Screenshot Utility

	* Fix defunct processes (Arvind)


	* Translate the clock applet format (Havoc)
	* Use per-applet tooltips (Mark)
	* Memleaks fixes (Arjan van de Ven)
	* Allow applets to retain focus when nothing else can (Padraig)


	* Fix clock docs so it validates (Yanko Kaneti)
	* Small panel-applet docs fix (Mark)


	* Abel Cheung, Christian Meyer, Christian Neumair, Christian Rose,
	  Daniel Yacob, Hasbullah Bin Pit, He Qiangqiang, Juan Manuel Garcia Molina,
	  Marius Andreiana, Michal Bukovjan, Miloslav Trmac, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo,
	  Pablo Saratxaga, Pauli Virtanen, Peteris Krisjanis, Ryoichi INAGAKI and
	  Zbigniew Chyla.

gnome-session 2.0.8

Session Manager

	* Don't grab the Xserver on logout with ally (Padraig)
	* Fix bug with splash screen layout (Jacob)
	* Start esd if enable_esd is set event if enable_sounds isn't (Mark)

Configuration Dialog

	* Don't allow setting negative values for client priority (Mark)
	* Don't ask to confirm saving after changes have been applied (Mark)
	* Fix bogus warning about session name already existing (Matt Brubeck)


	* Abel Cheung, Anurag Seetha, Gil 'Dolfin' Osher, He Qiangqiang,
	  Michal Bukovjan and Pablo Gonzalo del Campo.

gnome-desktop 2.0.9

	* Build and install the gnome-feedback docs again (John Fleck)
	* Fix small Makefile bug (Mark)


	* Abel Cheung, Changwoo Ryu, Gil 'Dolfin' Osher, He Qiangqiang,
	  Juan Manuel Garcia Molina, Peteris Krisjanis and Stanislav Brabec.

* Where can I get them ?


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